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Wine Tasting Gift Voucher

Ideal Gift for Every Winelover

Are you looking for the the right Christmas gift, birthday or nameday present for a winelover around you? 

GoGo.wine offers gift vouchers for wine tastings! GoGo.wine (and its Slovak brand ZaVínom.sk) is Slovakia's only reservations portal for tastings directly at wineries.

The GoGo.wine wine tasting gift voucher makes a great gift for winelovers, because:

  • every wine enthusiast appreciates the opportunity to sample wines directly with the winemaker at the winery
  • there are wineries on offer directly in Bratislava, in the surrounding towns of the Small Carpathian winemaking region, which are easily reachable by train or bus (Svätý Jur, Limbach, Modra, Pezinok...), in Trnava, arround Nitra, in Tekov and we are adding more wineries all the time
  • the voucher is valid for any wine tasting on offer on any preferred date
  • tastings are offered every day of the week
  • at the moment, there are over 25 wineries on offer
  • the recipient of the gift can choose a winemaker they know well already or taste something completely new
  • it is a more personal present that a store voucher
  • valid for 12 months from date of issue

How does it work?

You can but a gift voucher in the amounts of 30 €, 50 € and 100 € online. We can also prepare custom vouchers for you at other denominations. The gift voucher is valid for 12 months. 

A 30 - 50 € is enough for one of the tastings for two people on offer at GoGo.wine.

Order gift vouchers of 30 €, 50 €, 100 € or get in touch at info@gogo.wine and let us know, which voucher you are interested in. We will send you a pdf with a nicely designed voucher containing a unique code. Your gift recipient can then reserve any tasting of their choice and apply the unique code, which will discount the value of the voucher from the cost of the wine tasting.

Who is a wine tasting gift voucher suitable for?

- ideal gift for a man or father, if they enjoy wine

- ideal gift for a grand dad, if they are wine fan

- perfect gift for a girlfriend who likes to cook with wine and sometimes even adds it into the food

- top gift for parents who enjoy wine tourism

- ideal gift for a winelover older brother

- original gift for a client or business partner

A GoGo.wine wine tasting gift voucher is a safer gift choice than a wine bottle or a case of wine, since you avoid the risk of buying something the recipient will not enjoy.

Interested in buying a gift voucher or in need of advice from us? Write us at info@zavinom.sk or call +421 950 562 833!