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Šenkvice - the largest wine-growing village under the Small Carpathians

Viticulture and winemaking in Šenkvice

Šenkvice has a long vineyard and winemaking history. Already in 1580, 83 owners together produced up to 65,000 liters of wine here. The development of viticulture and winemaking in modern history in this lovely village under the Little Carpathians, only about 30 km from Bratislava, was contributed by the construction of a viticulture and winemaking research station and the establishment of an agricultural cooperative.

Traditional grape varieties

Tramines thrive in Šenkvicy, which benefit from heavy clay soil. It gives them earthiness and spiciness. Rhenish and Wallachian Riesling thrive here. Slovak nouveaux riches like Devín and Dunaj also found their place here. The most cultivated variety is Veltliner green.

Cyklo routes

Between Modra and Šenkvice, a new cycle route with three rest stops will be created, which will lead between the vineyards.

Wine tasting at wine makers

There are up to 27 winemakers in Šenkvice. The wines typical of this area are influenced by the heavy clay soil, which gives them an earthiness. Several winemakers offer the possibility to book a tasting in Šenkvice:

Bovinel - young, brave winery

A young family winery where you will have a lot of fun, but most of all you will learn a lot. The young winemaker Viktor is not only a winemaker and sommelier, but also a sabrage specialist. We recommend Bovinel winery for active types, you will not be bored there. Every Saturday, the minimum number of participants is four people. You will also taste liqueur wine produced by Bovinel winery. The price of the tasting is €22/person.

Carpate Diem - ekological winery

Foto: Carpate Diem

Carpate Diem is a young winery that places great emphasis on its own vineyards. They farm with them in an ecological mode, what can you smell in their wines, which are also low-histamine. At the tasting called Discover, taste and experience the Small Carpathians, you will taste 8 samples and the owner - winemaker himself will guide you through the secrets of production. The tasting is for a minimum of 6 people, the price is €30/person. The winery is only 100 meters from the train station.

Karpatská perla - winery with a view

Foto: Karpatská perla

Beautiful family winery with a view. The Karpatská perla is not only high-quality wines that respect the "terroir", but also a unique area of ​​the winery: production, tasting rooms, dance hall, lookout tower with a view of the Lesser Carpathians and a chapel. You will enjoy it in the Carpathian pearl. You can taste the wines at the tasting, which is held daily during the working week under the name "The beauty of wine and that is it." You will taste 6 samples of wine with a single bite. The price is €15/person, and the tasting can also be done for one person. For more demanding wine lovers, there is a wine tasting Pearls are born in the vineyard. You will taste 8 wine samples with a plate of cheese and meat specialties. The price of the tasting is €30/person and the minimum number of participants is 4. The winery is easily accessible by train, it is only 10 minutes from the train station.


We recommend visiting Šenkvice by train, you can also easily transport your bicycle. You can easily travel by train to Trnava, Leopoldov or Žilina. Buses run from Bratislava Mlynské nivy about every hour, or you can go to Pezinok by train or bus, and from Pezinok you can get to Šenkvíce by train, bus or taxi directly from the Pezinok train station.


If you are going to Šenkvice for a wine tasting, we recommend that you enhance this experience by staying at the Karpatská perla winery itself, where they can accommodate up to 9 people in stylish rooms.