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3 top wine tasting tips for companies for October month

Wine is an elegant drink that unites people. Wine tastings directly at the winemaker are gaining more and more popularity at corporate events as well. Why do companies prefer wine tastings directly to winemakers? The answer is probably very simple, because the wine tastes best from its creator, from the winemaker. What wine, what story. People wonder where the raw material comes from, how do they take care of the variety, when do they pick it up, how do they process it further, it matures in stainless steel, in oak barrels, are barriques barrels? Where do barrels come from? Is the wine cap traditionally made or have modern technologies been used? How long has it matured in a bottle? And these are questions that only the winemaker himself can answer.

And the wine tastes somehow different, better, in the cellar itself, where it was created or in the vineyard where the raw material comes from. We bring you 3 top tastings for the month of October, where your colleagues will not be guaranteed to be bored.

1. Prestigious tasting in the historic wine cellar of the Matyšák hotel. If you do not want to move very much from Bratislava, this place has an excellent location near the Bratislava Main Station. You will find yourself in a beautiful historic cellar and taste the premium wines of the Matyšák winery, which win prestigious awards at international wine competitions. You can enjoy not only wine, but also quality delicacies from local raw and meat products. Capacity is up to 30 people, ideal for corporate teambuilding.

2. Taste the Dubovský & Grančič winery. The family winery is only 15 minutes from Bratislava by train. It is located in the picturesque Svätý Jur, which is famous for its viticultural and winemaking tradition. You will find yourself in a pleasant family environment of the tasting room. The young winemaker Samuel Grančič will guide you through the wines and the whole story. You will see the barrel, but also the stainless steel cellar, you will learn the "pickpockets" from the family winery. Quality bites are a matter of course. And if you want, you can also play the piano, which is part of the tasting room. The winery has a pleasant capacity of up to 20 people.

3. Wine and Sparkling Wine with Fedor Malík & Son. Another exceptional wine-growing region is Modra. It also houses the unique and unique Mr. Malík, who is a well-known personality, winemaker, teacher and writer, who focuses mainly on Malokarpatska wines in his publications. The tasting at Malík  consists of ten samples, you will find yourself in a beautiful old vineyard house, which Malíkovci has successfully reconstructed for several years. You will explore the historic cellar and taste delicious sparkling wines, white and red wines. The capacity in the new tasting room is up to 20 people. You can easily get to Modra by bus, which runs regularly from Bratislava.

Alternatively, if you want a tailor-made event for your company, do not hesitate to contact us.



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