Degustácia u Matyšáka

Wine tasting as a teambuilding Christmas party

A good format for a company Christmas party is a party with wine tasting directly at the winery. It offers an interesting non-traditional location, a program in the form of a tasting with a winemaker and also rich tasty snacks.

Companies organize Christmas parties, gatherings or parties for their employees and sometimes business partners and clients. They are an opportunity to show the success and attitude of the company. They allow people to close together the ending year and harmonize for the next one, before everyone runs off to find family or snow.

A Christmas party with wine tasting is suitable for 4-5 people, and larger wineries can comfortably accommodate 50, 100 or even 150 guests. Of course, the format of the party must be adapted to the number of guests. However, winemakers have experience with this.

Why is Christmas teambuilding wine tasting a good idea?

Event can be organized in splendid, unique premises

Who says that you have to have a Christmas party in a restaurant or in a meeting room? The premises of wine cellars and wineries are also perfectly suited to the festive atmosphere. This is especially so in the case of historical or otherwise unique spaces.

For example, try to imagine that you would celebrate Christmas with your colleagues in the bowels of a cellar dug in 1904. The cellar of the Matyšák Family Winery in Hotel Matyšák in Bratislava will allow you to have such an experience. It is one of the largest archive cellars in Central Europe and can store up to 45,000 bottles.

Zámocké vinárstvo, which is located in Pezinok, in the cellars of a beautifully reconstructed castle from the 13th century, is also unique.

At Carpate Diem in Šenkvice, a winery focused on ecology, you can have a Christmas party in the architecturally exceptional buildings of the former NUPOD fruit and vegetable warehouses, designed by Emil Belluš, one of the most respected Slovak architects!

The premises of the Prédium Vráble Winery are also interesting and ecologically oriented. The building has a green roof with a wonderful view of the endless vineyards. Organizers of Christmas parties will also be delighted by the modern restaurant with experiential gastronomy led by a chef with experience from top international restaurants!

A bonus is the opportunity to sleep in stylish modern minimalist wine apartments with a view of the vineyards!

You will treat the guests at the Christmas party to new experiences and knowledge

Food, drink, speech or band or DJ. This is a classic program of company Christmas parties. Wine tasting can bring an opportunity to try something unknown. You will be charmed by the winemaker's charm, wit and erudition. You will get to know new tastes and smells. Winemakers will advise you on which wine goes well with different dishes.

You don't have to include only tasting in the program, you can also enrich it with a short tour of wine production or the cellar, and maybe even taste young wines directly from the barrel.

There is a relaxed atmosphere during tastings

Although the words "company Christmas party" in most companies will indicate that you are not going to dance on the tables, you definitely want your guests to enjoy a less formal and relaxed atmosphere. Wine tasting will certainly create it. Your colleagues will have space for fun and conversations, during which they will get to know each other better. And who knows, maybe new friendships will be made over a glass of wine.

What should you think about if you want a wine tasting as a company Christmas party?7

Is wine tasting a good fit for your group?

If you want the Christmas party to be a great experience for everyone, you should get to know your employees and other invited guests at least a little bit. After all, wine tasting is a very specific activity, and it won't be the right one if your employees are mostly beer drinkers or absentees.

Shall we go to the tasting, or shall we invite her to our place?

Wine tastings are more unique with a more intimate number of people. They will not be an experience if you squeeze 120 employees into a small cellar where a single sommelier will shout at them. In case you can't find a winery that fits the requirements of your huge group, invite a sommelier to your place.

People will be able to approach him, for example during the informal part of the program, talk about wine and taste it. In such a case, there can be a wine tasting (an unguided tasting where the sommelier pours for individual guests according to the request and can also recommend wines to them or introduce them in more detail if they are interested).

Do not underestimate the choice

There are a large number of wineries and wine cellars. The important thing is to choose the one that suits you and what you expect. Fill out the non-binding inquiry form for a Christmas party with wine tasting at ZaVí and we will be happy to recommend some good options.