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How the traditional grapes harvesting looks like?

The Vinobranie is one of the most popular wine events. It's a traditional autumn peeling festival. Every year Vinobranie is held in Rača, Pezinok and Modra in the Smallcarphatian wine region. It is so popular that other wine-growing towns in Slovakia have also started organizing it.

Part of Vinobranie is an allegorical parade through the city, a cultural program, performances by traditional as well as modern groups. The biggest attraction are the stands with refreshments, which are inherent to the vintage. Lokše (fried saultry pancake, ducks, geese and the typical burčiak, but also boiled corn or stuffed waffles, stalls selling sweets or quality coffee.

Burčiak (half fermented wine)

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Burčiak is a wine that is in the middle of fermentation. It is mostly made from the first varieties: Muller, Muscat, but you can also find burciaks from Sauvignon, Chardonnay or dark varieties. It is pleasantly sweet, slightly aromatic, and the alcohol content is around 5-6%, it is exactly halfway through fermentation. Some people like young burčiak, some like more soury notes of burčiak, when it has been a few days and fermented into the so-called "rampash".

How to choose the right burčiak?

Some burčiaks are lighter, others are darker, it depends on whether they are drained. Smell it, taste it, and the real burčiak is the one that tastes good.

Dates of Celebration of Harvests here:

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Vinobranie Rača, 15 - 17 September 2023 The program traditionally consists of an allegorical march through Rača, Slovak stars perform in the Rača amphitheater and there were refreshment stands. The new edition of Vinobrania in Rača was the zero year of the Festival of Folkloric Hopes. There was a children's zone in the park, where games, competitions and theater performances took place. More information about the grape harvest in Rača.

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Vinobranie Modra, 8.9.-10.9.2023. The Modra vintage is the first in line this year. You will also experience an allegorical parade through the city, a parade, a performance by Slovak smaller and bigger bands, a theater performance and traditional refreshment stalls. In addition, a public tasting of local wines in the city cellar on Friday and Saturday from 17.00 - 22.00. More info about the vintage in Modra.

Pezinok harvest: September 22-24, 2023. The vintage in Pezinok enjoys a lot of visitors. Tens of thousands of people from all over Slovakia, but also from abroad, visit every year. This year, you can look forward to the historical allegorical parade on Sunday, there will be two stages, 27 performers, several accompanying events. You can look forward to brass music, country music, folk and dance ensembles, popular rock and pop bands. More information about the Pezinok vintage.