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Nitra Comes Alive with Wine

Public or private
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Nitra region

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1000 / 1000
Tasting length
480 minutes
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Nitra Comes Alive with Wine is a tasting of wines from regional wineries and wine regions throughout Slovakia. The event will allow visitors to get to know the tastes, aromas and colors of Slovak wines. Visitors will be able to taste wines from 40 wineries, i.e. more than 300 wine samples. There will also be a musical program, which will be provided by the Halúzkovci group.

Free shuttle service will be provided for visitors, tickets will be a travel ticket. Enjoy the pleasant atmosphere with a glass of Slovak wine in your hand in a quiet part of the exhibition center, in picturesque nature on Saturday 1 June 2024 from 13.00 - 21.00. The event takes place in the area of ​​the Agrokomplex exhibition center, with its picturesque surroundings around the lakes, it is tempting to sit with a glass of wine and have an unobstructed view of the beautiful environment and nature.

Gastronomic delicacies will also be prepared: cheeses, cold meats, lokše (saulty pancakes), street food (burgers, hotdogs, kebabs).

The price varies according to date of purchase:

32.50 € - before 30.4. 2024

34.90 € - before 15.5. 2024 23:59

The ticket includes 5 € voucher for wine purchase.

The list of wine makers:

  1. Velkeer
  2. Chateau Malanta
  3. Vinárstvo Tricum Vráble
  4. Pivnica Radošina
  5. Víno-Masaryk
  6. Vinárstvo Radošina
  7. Vinárstvo Anton Uhnák
  8. Vinum Vivo – Vinárstvo Nevidzany
  9. Ostrožovič – víno so srcom
  10. Víno Nichta
  11. Vinojek – Jaroslav Knápek
  12. Golguz vinárstvo
  13. Víno Tajná
  14. Hrčka & Benian winery
  15. Frtus winery
  16. Šintavan
  17. Pivnica Tesáre
  18. Elesko
  19. Vinum Nobile Winery
  20. Vinárstvo Lot
  21. VIAJUR
  22. Chateau Rubáň
  23. Víno Trnovec
  24. Vinidi
  25. Združenie vinohradníkov a vinárov Šiklóš
  26. Vinárstvo – kontajner
  27. Bóna winery
  28. Fierowine
  29. Kotrus rodinné vinárstvo
  30. Najväčšia pivnica v Pukanci
  31. PD Ivanka pri Nitre
  32. Naše vinohrady
  33. Muráni Víno Čajkov
  34. Vinodol Winery
  35. Víno PD Mojmírovce
  36. Víno Černý
  37. Pavelka víno

Tasting conditions

Please arrive on time to make the most of this exceptional event.

How to get to the wine tasting?

Buses run from Niva bus station to Nitra every hour and the journey takes an hour. The return price is around 14 euros.
48° 8' 44" N , 17° 7' 44" E
  Výstavná 4, Nitra

Accommodation nearby

We recommend accommodation in the hotel Viliam Frano, which is right in Nitra. Pleasant accommodation with an outdoor pool. The price of accommodation is around 79 euros/double room. Book here.

Hotel Viliam Frano