Tokaj & Co - ochutnávka v historickej pivnici
min 4 max 30

Wine tasting of wines from Tokaj

Public or private
Number of samples
Kosice region

Places available
30 / 30
Tasting length
90 minutes
Tasting type
Directly in the winery


Right at the beginning of the tasting, you will walk through the historic cellar from the 14th century. At 2.5 km, the unique cellar complex is the longest in Slovakia, and its uniqueness is confirmed by its inclusion in the list of National Cultural Monuments.

The Tokaj wine region is the second oldest appellation in the world after the Italian Chianti. It is an area where naturally sweet Tokaj wines are produced using the oxidative method. Its production has a long tradition since the 14th century, and the cellar master from the Tokaj & Co winery, which is one of the largest producers of Tokaj wine in Slovakia, will introduce you to the secrets of Tokaj wine.

The tasting takes place in the underground tasting room. You have the opportunity to taste a cross-section of the winery's entire portfolio, from quality varietal wines made with modern technology to specialties that have made Tokaj famous all over the world.

You will taste 9 samples of wines: quality varietal wines, native wines and Tokaj putňové wines. The tasting includes a neutral snack (cheese, pastry).

If you would like to organize such a tasting for your closed group at a different date, send us a request for the group.

Tasting conditions

Arrive 10 minutes early!

How to get to the wine tasting?

From Bratislava by train to Košice and from there by taxi or bus
Buses go directly from Košice to Mala Trňa
  Medzipivničná 228/21, Malá Tŕňa

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