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min 4 max 20

Welcome wine tasting at Anton Uhnak winery

Public or private
Number of samples
Nitra region

Places available
20 / 20
Tasting length
100 minutes
Tasting type
Directly in the winery


Taste "Terroir Tekov" with the young and very pleasant winemaker Anton Uhnák. Anton is the twelfth generation of the successors of the wine tradition. You will find yourself in a pleasant tasting room, in such a way that you feel at home. Such a combination of traditional and modern. You will taste six samples of wines, which are typical of Tchaikovsky, "Terroir Tekov" and two samples directly from a stainless steel barrel. Thanks to that, you will find out what the new year will be like. In addition to quality wines from Anton Uhnák's, you can also enjoy meats from local products: cheese, sausage, nuts, pastries.

Tasting conditions

 1. No need to come in advance, but try to come on time. 2. Dress comfortably and reckon with the fact that it is colder in the cellar in the autumn and winter months.

How to get to the wine tasting?

The buses are running from Bratislava to Levice city and from Levice local buses running or taxes available to take.
  Čajkov 258, 935 24