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Pezinok Wine Cellars and Courtyards - Festival of Pezinok's Best Wines

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Bratislava region

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420 minutes
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Do not miss out on the 14th year of the Pezinok Wine Cellars and Courtyards 2022 event - Festival of Pezinok's Best Wines.

Around the centre of Pezinok, traditional winemaking town near Bratislava, members of the Association of Pezinok Wine Growers and Winemakers will serve up the best they have to offer in their cellars and courtyards. You can connect your wine trip with a tour of the city and its historical sections!

You can purchase a single ticket in advance at for 35 € (until capacity is reached). The ticket includes:

  • special tasting glass with a measure
  • tasting guide with a map
  • bonus voucher applicable towards any wine purchase in the value of 6 €
  • starter pack consisting of 50 tasting tokens

You can also purchase a special package for two people for 53 € (until capacity is reached). The ticket for two includes: two special tasting glass with a measure, two tasting guides with a map, two bonus vouchers applicable towards any wine purchase in the value of 6 € each and one starter pack consisting of 50 tasting tokens. This package is suitable for couples where one partner drinks less wine. You can buy the special package for two people here.

The number of tickets is limited.

One sample corresponds to 0.02 l of wine. One token is worth 30 cents. The cost of each sample is 1-5 tokens.

Buying additional tokens: You can buy packs of additional tokens (10 tokes = 3 €) at marked locations.

Participating winemakers:

  1. Vinohradníctvo a vinárstvo Krasňanský, Pezinok-Grinava
  2. VVDP Karpaty, Pezinok-Grinava
  3. Pavol Boriš, Pezinok
  4. Víno Hamšík, Pezinok
  5. Vinárstvo Čavojský, Pezinok
  6. Farebné vinárstvo, Pezinok
  7. Víno Matyšák, Pezinok
  8. Vinárstvo Križanovič & Prievozník, Pezinok
  9. Vinohradníctvo - vinárstvo Skovajsa, Pezinok
  10. Víno Hugo, Chorvátsky Grob
  11. VPS – Vinohradníctvo Pavelka a syn, Pezinok
  12. Hacaj, s.r.o., Pezinok
  13. Víno Ludvik, Pezinok
  14. Vinkova, s.r.o., Pezinok
  15. Víno Rajnic, Pezinok
  16. Víno Satko, Pezinok
  17. Zámocké vinárstvo Šimák, Pezinok
  18. Vinohradníctvo a vinárstvo Slezák, Limbach
  19. Vinohradníctvo a vinárstvo Merlaj, Pezinok
  20. Vinárstvo Vinum Aureum, Pezinok
  21. Vinárstvo Peter Ratuzky
  22. Víno Krasnanský, Pezinok
  23. Vinárstvo Daniel Stríž

Tasting conditions

You can collect your tickets (glass, ticket, map, tokens) directly at Malokarpatské múzeum (M. R. Štefánika 4) in Pezinok during the event from 12 noon to 6 pm.

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How to get to the wine tasting?

Slovak lines buses run from Bratislava stations (Nivy, Bajkalská, Predmestie, RAča) every half an hour, hour directly to Pezionok main square.
Trains run from Bratislava main station directly to Pezinok train station every hour. (Stops: Main Station, Predmestie, Rača, Svätý Jur, Pezinok-zastávka, Pezinok)
  M. R. Štefánika 4, Pezinok