Wine Tasting in Pezinok

Choose from wine tastings availables at wineries in Pezinok. The traditional wine-making town of Pezinok is located just over 20 km from Bratislava. It can be reached easily by car, our Wine Taxi but also the train and bus.

There are tens of traditional winemakers in Pezinok, many with family traditions going back hundreds of years. Wine tastings in Pezinok take place both at traditional cellars in historical houses in the center of town, modern tasting rooms and sometimes even outdoors, in the Pezinok vineyards.

Pezinok is part of the Malokarpatský Wine Making region named after the Small Carpathian mountain range - Pezinok lies on its southern slopes at 138 to 752 meters above sea level. There are about 860 hectares of vineyards.

Traditionally, white wines dominated wine production in Pezinok. At present, welsh riesling (rízling vlašský) the most widely grown varietal. In addition to rieslings, varietals that have survived from the past centuries include veltliners (veltlín), silvaners (silván), sauvignons (sauvignon), traminers (tramín), muscats (muškát) and burgundies (burgund).