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Wine tasting with seasonal specialties

Public or private
Number of samples
Nitra region

Places available
18 / 18
Tasting length
180 minutes
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Anton Uhnák is a young and pleasant winemaker, as well as his wines, which have a quality base of the Tekov wine-growing region, thanks to which they gain in uniqueness and minerality. Come to taste and experience a comprehensive wine tasting: 10 wine samples, 3 straight from the tank. In addition to tasting in a beautiful traditional-modern tasting room, you will also spend some time in the cellar, where it all takes place. You will learn nuances about wine and viticulture.

What is the "terroir Tekov", what is the uniqueness and minerality it gives to wines? You will taste the wines directly and you will immediately find out that they are different and exceptional. The tasting is a gourmet experience of combining unique Tekov wines and hot dinners made from local ingredients. The food you find out on the spot is a pleasant surprise. 

Tasting conditions

Please arrive on time and dress warmer in case of bad weather.

How to get to the wine tasting?

The buses are running from Bratislava - Zvolen city direction, getting off in Levice and taking a local bus to Čajkov.
Wine Taxi
EcoTaxi: 0910 333 373
  Čajkov 258, 935 24