min 4 max 30

Tasting in the vineyard

Public or private
Number of samples
Nitra region

Places available
30 / 30
Tasting length
90 minutes
Tasting type
Directly in the winery


You can taste Velkeer wines right in the vineyard, because the winery is located right in the heart of the vineyards. The wines are selected according to the season, the winemakers choose what is suitable in the given period.

There will certainly be a growing sparkling wine from Riesling, a unique Tri roses or the iconic Pinta. Weather permitting, the tasting begins with a brief tour of the vineyard. Velkeer Winery will present its philosophy of growing grapes with respect for nature.

Then you move to the wine cellar, from which you continue to the tasting room and taste the wines. Snacks are served for tasting: local cheese and homemade bread.

The tasting lasts 90 minutes and you will taste 6-10 wine samples.

The minimum number of participants in the tasting is 6 and the maximum is 30.

Tasting conditions

Arrive please on time to make the most of this magnifient time spent. 

How to get to the wine tasting?

There are buses running from Bratislava to the city of Nitra or Nové Zámky and changing for a local bus directly to Veľký Kýr.
Trains are running to the city of Nitra or Nové Zámky a taking a local bus or wine taxi.
  Pivnica „Perešek“ Novozámocká 807/96, Veľký Kýr

Accommodation nearby

The accommodation is ca. 15 minutes walking distance from the winery Velkeer.

Book direct on the phone +421 35 659 31 13 or by email

Motorest Veľký Kýr