Víno Matyšák degustácia
min 8 max 30

Prestige Wine Tasting

Public or private
Number of samples
Bratislava region

Tasting length
60 minutes
Tasting type


Discover the tastes and aromas of award-winning wines from the best vineyards of the Small Carpathian and South Slovak wine-growing regions. The Matyšák winery will offer you a selection of the tastiest, which it has included in its premium "Prestige" line.

Descend into the depths of the historical cellar that once belongedto the famed Pallugay family of winemakers, excavated in 1904. In an attractive environment that can hold 45,000 bottles, you can enjoy six precisely selected samples of recently produced and older and more unique wine.READ_MORE

An experienced sommelier will guide you through sensory experiences with an expert explanation, talk about the individual properties and interesting points of the wine being tasted. To go with the wine, you can nibble on delicacies from their own butcher shop, cheese specialties and crispy pastries.

The minimum number of guests for this tasting is 8.

If you would like to organize such a tasting for your closed group at a different date, send us a group request.

This tasting is on request, that means you choose a date and time that suits you, then the winemaker will confirm the given date or recommend another one within 24 hours.

Tasting conditions

Arrive at least 10 minutes before the tasting. Apply at the restaurant of the Matyšák hotel. Dress in a way that makes you feel comfortable (depending on the weather), so-called smart casual (jeans, shirt, nice top - women), comfort is important. The tasting will be in a historic cellar with a temperature between 10-15 C, dress accordingly.

How to get to the wine tasting?

Public transport
Line number 32, 41, 83, 84, 204, 209, 212
48° 9' 29" N , 17° 6' 17" E
Bratislava - Main Train Station
48° 9' 32" N , 17° 6' 28" E
Bratislava - Bus station Mlynské Nivy
48° 8' 50" N , 17° 7' 37" E
  Pražská 15, Bratislava