Rozhľadňa v Karpatskej perle
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Event Beautiful Wine with a View

Public or private
Number of samples
Bratislava region

Tasting length
480 minutes
Tasting type
Directly in the winery


Experience the Karpatská Perla (Per of the Carpathians) family winery during the Saturday event Beautiful Wine with a View with wine, food, swing music by the band Funny Fellows and other exciting attractions.

Karpatská perla is a major name in Slovak winemaking. They have been in the market since 1991 - over 30 years, led by the wine couple Ladislav and Margita Šebo. But they continue evolving - at present, growing on over 50 hectares of their own vineyards with bio production, moving to fully ecologic viticulture.

Karpatská perla will offer 21 of their wines one one alcohol-free grape must:

JAGNET Muškát moravský 2021, World News 2021, cuvée of 800 varieties, Rizling rýnsky 2021, Kramáre, Rizling rýnsky 2021, Suchý vrch, Pinot Gris 2021, Veltlínske zelené 2021, Noviny, Veltlínske zelené 2021, Noviny surlie, Sauvignon Blanc 2021, 4 Živly 2019, white cuvée, Devín 2021, Pálava 2021, Tramín červený 2021, Chardonnay 2019, grower's sect, Frizzante Pinot Noir 2021, Cabernet Sauvignon 2021, semi-sweet rosé, Dunaj 2020, Frankovka modrá 2017, Pinot Noir 2017, Cabernet Sauvignon 2017, 4 Živly 2018, red cuvée 30th Anniversary, Aurelius 2018, cibébový výber + BOBULO 2020 rosé, grape juice

Many local delicacies will be on offer, too: Creamy vegetable soup, Game goulash, Foie gras with red onion marmelade on toast, Stroodel with veal and forest mushroom sauce, Salmon stroodel with herb yogurt and salad, Crackling buns, Cheese selection

The beautiful winery premises constructed at a site first designed by Emil Belluš, one of Slovakia's most respected architects, are dominated by a modern viewing tower. From 2 pm to 7:30 pm men, women and children can compete in running up the 21-metre, 99-stair tower.

Further activities include wine cellar tours and an exhibition of winegrowing technology.

The winery in Šenkvice is less than 1 km from the Train Station, with an hourly train from (and back to) Bratislava so you can easily reach the event by train (28 minute-ride)

Tickets for Beautiful Wine with a View are available at an advance-purchase discounted rate of 20 € until Friday, June 17 12:00 noon or on site at 24 € until capacity is reached. Tickets include a 6 € voucher for wine and 40 tasting tokens. Entry is free for children under 15.

Tasting conditions

You can collect your ticket at the event.

How to get to the wine tasting?

The trains are running from Bratislava, Pezinok, Trnava. The stop is Šenkvice and the winery is 10 mins by walk.
The buses are running from Pezinok, Modra, Senec and Bratislava. The winery is 10 mins by walk from the bus stop.
  Nádražná 57, Šenkvice

Accommodation nearby

The accomodation is directly in the winery. 4 double bedrooms are available for maximum of 8 people. The price is 45 euros/person/night, including breakfast.

To book accomodation please send us an email: 

Accomodation is directly in the winery