Wine Tastings in Modra

Find a wine tasting at one of the Modra vineries! It is no coincidence that Slovak refer to Modra as Slovakia's wine capital. Since 1922 it is the seat of the Secondary Specialised Viticulture and Fruit-Grower School, which has educated a fair share of Slovak wine growers and winemakers.

Modra is part of the Small Carpathian winemaking region named after the Small Carpathian mountain range (Malé Karpaty). It is located less than 30 km or about a half hour by car from Bratislava. In addition to bus lines, you can reach Modra with our Wine Taxi with the fixed rate from Bratislava (return Wine Taxi 76 € passenger car / 90 € van) and other cities! You can request Wine Taxi through a form after you book your tasting.

Modra wine making reached its peak already in the 16th and 17th century. You will find over 50 winemakers in Modra (along with tens of others who produce wine for their own and their families' enjoyment).

Wine tastings you can reserve in Modra: