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Šenkvice for the Wine

Public or private
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Bratislava region

Tasting length
600 minutes
Tasting type
Directly in the winery


The association of winegrowers and winemakers from Šenkvice invites you for the 13th time to this magical winegrowing village for the event Šenkvice for the Wine. 31 winemakers will present their wine, cellars, production and presentation spaces. The patron of the 13th year is longtime active winemaker Jaromír Augustinič.

We invite you to enjoy a pleasant day in the company of friends and lovers of good wine in Šenkvice. This year, we would like to focus your attention on new grape varieties called PIWI - which are varieties that are generally resistant to common diseases and are suitable for the production of wines in organic and organic viticulture.

The gates of the wine cellars will open already on April 27, 2024 from 12:00. A program full of experiences is prepared for visitors of all age categories until 10:00 p.m. and free shuttle transport within the village. The ticket price is 27 € in advance and 29 €/person from April 14, 2024. 

The collecting of wine bags and on-site sales will take place on 27/04/2024 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at KIS Šenkvice and then until the end of the event at the stand: Obecný dom - vinotéka, Crovátska 105, Šenkvice.

On the spot, you can exchange the ticket for a tasting bag, which contains: cup, catalog of winemakers, 40 tasting coupons 2 bonus tickets for the purchase of wine with a total value of 8 €. Free shuttle service between "tasting" stations is included in the price.

All visitors can enjoy traditional Slovak cuisine with a tasting of local specialties according to the recipes of Šenkvice ´s grandmothers and, of course, popular Šenkvice music. Due to the great success of previous years, up to three bands will accompany you at the event. This year, too, visitors will vote for the best winery of the event, and all voters will receive a raffle with interesting wine prizes. This year, it is again possible to buy wines and have them delivered conveniently to your home address. Visitors will also have the opportunity to leave their minor children in the children's corner full of playful events for a fee.

Become a wine tourist and take a tour of the vineyard educational trail, where you can view 30 traditional and newly bred varieties of grape vines. The educational trail also includes a demonstration of the development of cutting systems and vine management. A total of 240 seedlings are planted in 15 rows. The educational trail is located near the headquarters of the local wine association and the municipal wine shop at the address: Chorvátska street 105, Šenkvice.

The list of winemakers:




Pezinská cesta, Šenkvice

Miko Miroslav, 

Pezinská cesta, Šenkvice

Klamo Matúš

Ľubomír Figura Eastern Winery Trlínska 1/A, Šenkvice

Figura Ľubomír

Chorvátska 36, Šenkvice

Bartoš Michal

SaTu bowling club, Chorvátska 48, Šenkvice

Stríž Daniel

Záhrada nad farou, Vinohradská ul., Šenkvice

Kocanda Jozef st.

Záhrada nad farou, Vinohradská ul., Šenkvice

Kocanda Jozef ml.

Záhrada nad farou, Vinohradská ul., Šenkvice

Peter Červenka

Vinárstvo Kukumberg, Vinohradská 58, Šenkvice

Vinárstvo Kukumberg

Augustinič Jaromír, Vinohradská 53, Šenkvice

Augustinič Jaromír

Dobrý ročník, Ľuboš Petrík Vinohradská 47A, Šenkvice

Ľuboš Petrík

Pivnica Ivana Šarmíra, Vinohradská 68, Šenkvice

Jančariková Monika

Námestie G. Kolinoviča 1, Šenkvice

Kúkel Pavol

Fekete Pavol a syn, Vinohradská 59, Šenkvice

Fekete & syn

Sommini Winery Kozare 22, Šenkvice

Sommini Winery

Vinárstvo KOZARA, Kozare 46, Šenkvice

Vinárstvo KOZARA

Víno Jurášek, Cerovská 5, Šenkvice

Víno Jurášek

Obecný dom - vínotéka, Chorvátska 105, Šenkvice

Motyka Karol

Obecný dom - vínotéka, Chorvátska 105, Šenkvice

Durčovič Imrich

Obecný dom - vínotéka, Chorvátska 105, Šenkvice

Ruman Tibor

Kakalík Marek, Chorvátska 91, Šenkvice

Kakalík Marek

Kakalík Michal, Chorvátska 91, Šenkvice

Kakalík Michal

Bobulles, Chorvátska 81, Šenkvice

Bobulles Samuel Hacaj

sunny winery, Chorvátska 69, Šenkvice

sunny winery Patrik Strašifták&Tomáš Lendel 

Bočko vinárstvo, Družstevná 49, Šenkvice

Bočko vinárstvo

Augustinič Emil, Jagned 15, Šenkvice

Augustinič Emil

CARPATE DIEM, Nádražná 55, Šenkvice


Karpatska perla, Nádražná 57, Šenkvice

Karpatská perla

Michal Maderič, Nádražná 27, Šenkvice

Michal Maderič

BOVINEL, Zapotok 26, Šenkvice


Repa winery, Vištucká 1265/5, Šenkvice

Ing. Jozef Repa



Tasting conditions

Arrive between 12.00 - 22.00 in time to visit the wineries and taste local specialties or walk along the nature trail.

The collecting of wine bags and on-site sales will take place on 27/04/2024 from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m. at KIS Šenkvice and then until the end of the event at the stand: Obecný dom - vinotéka, Crovátska 105, Šenkvice.


How to get to the wine tasting?

Trains run from Bratislava and Trnava, from the train station the journey to the winery is about 10 minutes.
48° 9' 31" N , 17° 6' 23" E
Buses run from Pezinok, Modra, Bratislava and Senec. The journey from the bus station is approx. 10 minutes.
48° 8' 43" N , 17° 7' 59" E
  Chorvátska 105, Šenkvice

Accommodation nearby

You can arrange accommodation near Šenkvice in neighboring Modra or Pezinok. In Modra, we recommend Hotel Sebastián u Hoffera.

Accomodation nearby in Hotel Sebastián, Modra