Wine Tastings in Bratislava

Wine-making traditions

Bratislava has been a wine-making town for centuries - part of the Rust - Sopron - Pressburg wine region. Earliest evidence of wine growing dates back to the 3rd century. King Andrew III. granted the city privileges in 1281 including a relief from royal taxes on vineyards.

Bratislava's present day centre used to be covered with vineyards, leasing to the current city part Rača, where a lot of wine is still made today.

Sparkling wine used to be produced in Bratislava based on a French recipe (later renamed to Huber, currently the best known Slovak sparkling wine producer) and Paligyay used to be one of Hungary's most renowned wine producers.


Bratislava is part of the Small Carpathian Winemaking Region. In addition to Rača, there are vineyards and wineries in Vajnory and Devín.

Wine tastings you can reserve in Bratislava: