Wine tastings in the Tekov region

An area with wines of vulcanic origin - terroir Tekov - extends from the left bank of the Hron river to the royal mining town of Pukanec. At present, Terroir Tekov comprises family wineries in the winemaking villages of Rybník, Čajkov, Hronské Kosihy, Podlužany, Brhlovce, Levice and Pukanec.

Getting there

How do you get to Tekova? If you are travelling from Bratislava, you can take a bus from the Bratislava Mlynské Nivy Bus Station to Levice or Nitra, change to local transport or take a taxi to Čajkov and the surrounding arreas. A train from Bratislava serves Levice, you can transfer to a local bus or taxi.


Tekov wines share their origin in vineyards planted on vulcanic soils filled with tuff and andesite originating from the extinguished Sitno vulcano near Banská Štiavnica. 

Wine tastings you can reserve in Tekov: