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Wine is our life

Public or private
Number of samples
Bratislava region

Places available
50 / 50
Tasting length
120 minutes
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Dubovský & Grančič Winery is a family winery, which is connected to long tradition of their ancestors. Experience Dubovský & Grančič Winery. During the controlled 10 sample tastings in the tasting rooms, you will learn about the history of viticulture, you hear interesting facts about wines and together with the owners you go through the production winery premises. The tasting also includes tasty snacks in the form meat and cheese specialties.

The premises of the Dubovský & Grančič Winery reflect the fact that the winery is family-run based. The very pleasant environment of the tasting room will accommodate up to 50 guests. Dubovský & Grančič wines enjoy awards, recently Pinot Noir champion of the most prestigious Slovak competition - The National Slovak Collection of Wines of the Slovak Republic 2021. This tasting is private and can be organized for a closed group at least 6 people. Request your preferred date and wait for confirmation from winemaker. 

Tasting conditions

Come on time to get the most of this incredible moment.

How to get to the wine tasting?

Slovak Lines - village Svätý Jur
48° 15' 9" N , 17° 12' 56" E
Train station - village Svätý Jur
48° 14' 51" N , 17° 13' 1" E
  Zuby 293, Svätý Jur