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Taste family winery NICHTA!

Public or private
Number of samples
Nitra region

Places available
20 / 20
Tasting length
120 minutes
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Taste quality wines from the NICHTA family winery, which has won awards at domestic and international competitions. Mr. Nichta also exports wines abroad, because they have a unique character and minerality, which is also sought after by foreign wine lovers. Nichtovci winemakers rely on a personal approach and a homely atmosphere. At this tasting, winemaker Branislav Nichta or his son Jakub will take care of you in a beautiful modern tasting room. They will guide you through the production, the keg cellar and acquaint you with the production process.

You can enjoy 8 wines from our own vineyards. There will be the Pesecká leánka, which thrives in Tekov and the winery also produces a sparkling wine made by the traditional method of fermentation in the bottle.

A seasonal "bite" of home-made local products (cheese, spread / meat product, pastry) is also served for tasting.

Tastings are carried out in accordance with current regulations of the Government of the Slovak Republic.

Tasting conditions

1. Arrive for the tasting at least 10 minutes in advance. 2. Dress so that you are comfortable (depending on the weather), it is recommended so-called. smart casual (jeans, shirts, nice top - women), comfort is important.

How to get to the wine tasting?

The buses are running from Bratislava - Zvolen city direction, getting off in Levice and taking a local bus to Čajkov.
The trains are running from Bratislava to Levice city. From Levice city you can take a local bus to Čajkov or taxi.
  Čajkov 552, Čajkov