Zoznámenie s Mrva & Stanko
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Introduction to Mrva & Stanko

Public or private
Number of samples
Trnava region

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6 / 6
Tasting length
60 minutes
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Introduction to Mrva & Stanko is the introductory tasting of this winery. If you have never heard of Mrva & Stanko, this tasting is perfect for you as an intro. You will learn the story and beginnings of the legendary winery, which began to write the history of quality wine after the fall of communism. Mr. Mrva worked in Austria and upon his return he bet on quality premium wines from our region and proved that we have the conditions for the production of quality wines. When we hear Mrva & Stanko, we know that there is always a guarantee of quality, elegance and balanced tastes behind it.

As part of the tasting, you will taste 5 samples of wines with a quality cold bite from local ingredients. See the barrel cellar and archive.READ_MORE The tasting is public, so it is possible that you will enjoy the wine in the company of other people. The minimum number of guests at this tasting is 2. If there are no others registered at this time, it is not possible to book a tasting for a smaller number of people. If you would like to organize such a tasting for your closed group at another time, send us a request for the group.

All wine tastings are according to Covid-19 current automat, safe and protecting people. 

This is a public tasting so you may run into other wine lovers at the winery. The setup is adjusted to serve groups in both English and Slovak - there is enough time to cover both languages as you taste.

The minimum number of guests for this tasting is two. If there are fewer reservations for this tasting at the moment, you can not reserve for fewer guests.

If you wish to organise this tasting for your closed group on another date, please send us a group request.

Tasting conditions

1. We recommend arriving at least 15 minutes before dinner.

2. DRESS code: we recommend more elegant clothes, men: suits / women: dresses, elegant top, skirt, of course coat according to the weather.

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How to get to the wine tasting?

Train station Trnava - from there TAXI to winery
48° 22' 14" N , 17° 35' 5" E
Autobusová stanica Trnava, následne odporúčame použiť TAXI
48° 22' 13" N , 17° 34' 59" E
  Orešianska 7/a, Trnava

Accommodation nearby

If you attend a wine tasting, you can also choose to spend the night in the B&B located directly within the Mrva & Stanko Winery near all the tasting rooms. There are 11 double bed rooms and a suite. All rooms are ensuite, equipped with a TV and free wifi.

Guest-House Mrva & Stanko